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Life's A Beach

Anywhere   Anytime!!

Summer is here and we all plan to enjoy it!! Get out and get moving!  Complete the miles anywhere and anytime.  Afterwards enjoy some well deserved R&R at the beach or in the backyard with your feet in the kiddy pool (thank you 2020)!  Swag bags will be mailed starting July 20th.


Corona Virtual 5K 10K

This has impacted everyone's lives in one way or another.  Get out (remember stay 6 feet apart), get moving, and relieve some stress with the Corona 5K 10K Virtual run/walk. 

 This run is for you - the parent that became a teacher, the teacher who adapted to a new way of teaching, the person who had to transition to working at home, the one who lost their job, the health care worker who put their life on the line, the first responder,  the essential business worker who continued to work, the small business owner who creatively did things a way they never had to before, the people who spent time in their homes to keep others safe, the person who OVERCAME! 


Ringmaster of the S*** Show

The kids are home and trying to do distance learning.  You are trying to work from home.  The other kids are home from daycare because everything is closed.  You haven't seen someone other than you family for the past how many weeks.  The little kids have legos all over the floor and paint on the walls, you can't get the teenagers to get out of their rooms and off their phone - the kids in your house are getting restless! You are not alone.  Join hundreds of others across the U.S as we navigate being the Ringmaster of the S*** Show.


9/11 Remembrance Run

This was our most popular and most meaningful run of 2019.  Run to remember those who lost their lives during the attack on September 11, 2001.  Included in your swag bag will be a name of a person who lost their life due to the attack.  You will have the opportunity to run/walk in honor of them in the month of September.

remembrance run medal.jpg

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